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Indulgent // The Four Agreements


Lately, I've been marinating myself in The Four Agreements. If you're unfamiliar, it's a book by Don Miguel Ruiz, and it could probably change your life. The problem I have with books changing our lives is that it takes work. It's not like you read it and suddenly everything is different. No, in —

Indulgent // Time Passes


When I was sixteen, I sat on the floor of a room that was mine almost my entire life and felt like the time was standing still. There were just seven days standing between me and my driver's license, and yet no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't actually see myself driving on my own. The days —

Out of This Town


  Stinson Relay - HEX Novel - Herschel Vertical Stripe - Ted Baker London Heritage Waxed Canvas - L.L. Bean   Weekenders are our favorite bag to grab for a long weekend away. These are a few of the adorable options we have shopped across lately. Solid, compact and easily —

Indulgent // My Challenge Story

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Taking the first step in a new direction can feel paralyzing. You second guess everything. You can't see the finish line, it's blurry, out of focus, and you feel like you're just limping along hoping you're not making a huge mistake. When I decided to start revisions on my first novel, the —

Trying Out Meditation


Meditation. Everyone and their mother claims it is good for us. And I'm not against protecting my mental state...but do I really have to sit in a room, by myself and quit for 20 minutes? It's impossible for me. At this moment anyway. So our team began to explore ways to enter the world of —

Indulgent // Being “Not Okay”


I'll be honest, I've been feeling sorry for myself the last few days. An unhappiness settled into my heart, and I withdrew myself from everything. From the things making me unhappy. From the things that bring me joy. From the people I love. From the people who drag me down. I've spent a lot of —



A coworker and I have been making an effort to walk during the day to get some fresh air and actually move throughout the work day. And it gives us about 15 minutes to talk about whatever we want from work, life, tv, recipes. The whole gamut. But yesterday's short conversation left me thinking —

Indulgent // You’ve Got This

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I've been feeling like my life is a bit of a mess lately. My husband and I lost everything we relied on in December of 2014, and we've been fighting like hell to get our feet back on solid ground since. My dad suffered through an awful illness and went to his final resting place back in January. I'm —

Sloane’s Day Off // Portland


Our "day off" series will highlight quick snapshots of cities all over the country. We will kick-off the series with a day in Portland, OR.   Despite the rain and chilly weather, our Sloane team was able to still fit in a full day exploring Portland's finest. We highly recommend starting —